Attractions in Alberta

Here's a partial listing of the top Attractions in Alberta

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Another UNESCO World Heritage site in Alberta is the Dinosaur Provincial Park. Heaven for paleontologists, the park boasts one of the largest dinosaur finds in the world. A distance away from civilization it is easy to feel isolated in the park. Albertans love to visit for the great campgrounds and outdoor life.

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Jasper Provincial Park

Jasper Provincial Park is another one of Alberta's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town lies deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is easily accessible by train, bus or car. The town is full of wildlife and outdoor life. Near the town is the ice field tours where you can take a specialized bus tour of the thousand year old glaciers.

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Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park is one of five national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that attract millions of visitors each year for camping, hiking, biking, skiing, fishing or just relaxing. The resort towns of Banff and Lake Louise are both located within Banff National Park and offer a full range of accommodation, restaurants and shops.

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Lake Louise

There is only one place in the world that can genuinely offer spectacular natural mountain scenery, abundant wildlife, four-season recreation and world-class accommodation in a protected National Park setting.

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Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden (Lethbridge Japanese Garden)

Lethbridge Japanese Gardens attracts visitors from all over the world. During World War II Canada gathered thousands of Japanese Canadians into concentration camps near Lethbridge. When the war ended many decided to stay in the surrounding area. To make the vast prairie land feel more like home they built a Japanes Garden near the center of the town.

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