Attractions in New Brunswick

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Here's a partial listing of the top attractions in New Brunswick

Mount Carleton

Mount Carleton is the highest peak and elevation in the Canadian Maritime Provinces at 2690 feet. As part of the International Appalachian Trail, it is named after New Brunswick's first lieutenant Governor - Thomas Carleton. Mount Carleton has high historical and geographic importance...

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Acadian Historical Village

The Acadian Historical Village also known as Village Historique Acadian is a living location that seeks to reflect its history, lifestyle, culture and background. Located at Riviere-du-Nord in New Brunswick, this village was opened for tourism in 1977...

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New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum in Saint John is the oldest continuing museum in Canada since 1929. Historic traces reveal that the origin of this museum dates back to 1842 attributing it to the work of Dr Abraham Gesner. The museum adds to St John's beauty...

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Hopewell Rocks

Mount Carleton Provincial Park has more than 42,000 acres of pristine wilderness to explore. It is the home to more wild animal species than any other part of the province. At least 100 different types of birds and 30 species of mammals live here. Wildlife enthusiasts will see an abundance of

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