Top Attractions in Canada

Canadian Rockies, attractions in Canada

Canadian Rockies

Straddling the British Columbia/Alberta border, this mountain chain runs from the U.S. border to the northern end of British Columbia. Within the Canadian Rockies is some of the most beautiful, serene and, at the same time, breathtaking scenery on the earth’s surface. These mountain jewels are distinct from the American Rockies as they have been very heavily glaciated, resulting in sharply pointed mountains separated by wide, U-shaped valleys gouged by glaciers, whereas the American Rockies are more rounded.

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, attractions in Canada

Niagara Falls

With more than 6 million cu ft (168,000 m³) of water falling over its brink per minute, Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America and maybe the most famous in the world, attracting millions tourist each year.

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Pacific Rim National Park

Located on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, the park encompasses Long Beach, which is actually a 40-km stretch of wide, sandy beaches on the west coast of Vancouver Island between Ucuelet and Tofino. The park provides access to nature at its rawest: Wet, wild and dramatic scenery that can be observed from the comfort of warm, luxurious hotels that dot the coastline. It’s also a surfers paradise!

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Cabot Trail, attractions in Canada

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This 300 km trail through the highlands of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton, on Canada’s east coast, is actually a drive; a beautiful, scenic loop carved into the side of mountains that rise high above the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It winds around Cape Breton’s northern shore, ascending to the plateaus of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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Baffin Island, top attractions in Canada

Baffin Island

Canada’s largest island, and the fifth largest island in the world, lying between Greenland and the Canadian mainland, in the territory of Nunavut. Known to the local Inuit as Oikiqtaaluk, it was later known to the Norse as Helluland.

There is an abundance of wildlife including walrus, several whale species, caribou, polar bear, arctic fox, arctic hare, lemming, arctic wolf, seals, migrating fowl, shore birds, sea birds etc.

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The Rocky Mountaineer

This is truly a trip of a lifetime. Guided train travel, at a relaxed tempo, through some of the world's most beautiful and varied scenery. Quite possibly the best way to see Canadian wildlife - such as bears, mountain goats, wolves

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Old Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec's Old Town (Vieux-Québec) has an old-world charm unique in North America and is the only North American fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

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Banff NationalPark, top attractions in Canada

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park is one of five national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that attract millions of visitors each year for camping, hiking, biking, skiing, fishing or just relaxing.

The resort towns of Banff and Lake Louise are both located within Banff National Park and offer a full range of accommodation, restaurants and shops.

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CN Tower, attractions in Canada

CN Tower, Toronto

CN tower (1815 ft) is the tallest free standing structure in the world and it is located in downtown Toronto. Tourists are naturally drawn to tall buildings where they can get a bird's eye view of a city. Unfortunately the elevated observation usually comes at an elevated price and zero cultural appeal. The CN Tower is no different, but kids love it and the glass elevator that takes you to the 1,122 foot glass floored outdoor observation deck is a real thrill for kids.

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Old Port, Montreal

Old Port, Montreal

Old Montreal is a part of downtown Montreal that has been preserved in much of its original state, with the oldest buildings dating back to the 1600's. This historic neighborhood is a safe and vibrant community and tourist attraction, with hotels, restaurants, shops, residences and commercial spaces.

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Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

Parliament Hill is a stunning group of buildings that house Canada's parliament. Free tours are offered throughout the year and the Hill is also the setting for national celebrations, like Canada Day - a holiday when Ottawa really comes to life.

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Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

The Athabasca Sand Dunes consist of a series of dune fields stretching for about 100 km along the south shore of Lake Athabasca in northwest Saskatchewan. This is the largest active sand surface in Canada.

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Klondike National Historic Site, Yukon

The Klondike National Historic Sites of Canada commemorate the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush, the role of large corporation gold mining in the Klondike and river transportation in the Yukon. Dawson City, conveniently located at the junction of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers, quickly became the heart of the gold fields during this time. For a glimpse of the glorious past of the gold rush era, visit the Klondike National Historic Sites of Canada

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Aurora Borealis watching, Northwest Territories

Aurora Borealis watching, Northwest Territories

Experience fabulous aurora borealis viewing near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, is located directly under the ‘Aurora Oval’, a narrow band encircling the polar reaches of the globe in which the mysterious coloured lights of the aurora borealis are at their most brilliant. Coupled with its clear nights, this favorable geographic location makes Yellowknife consistently one of the best places in the world for aurora viewing.

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Polar bear watching, Manitoba, Canada Attractions

Polar bear watching, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba, is the self-proclaimed "Polar Bear Capital of the World." The town attracts scientists, and averages more than 12,000 visitors during polar bear season.

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Green Gables, Prince Edward Island

Green Gables, located in Cavendish in the Prince Edward Island National Park, is a popular tourist destination. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

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Lady Dive Tours

Lady Dive Tours, Ottawa

Discover Canada’s Capital Region. Lady Dive started their Ottawa-Gatineau city tours in 1999 with it’s very popular and unique Amphibus vehicle. An Amphi-bus is a vehicle that can travel on both land and water.

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