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New Brunswick: A Change of Pace
Fast Facts
  • Population: 751,171
  • Size: 72,908 sq. km. (28,150 sq. mil.)
  • Capital City: Fredericton
  • Time Zone(s): Atlantic DST
  • Minimum Age for Unrestricted Driver’s License: 17 years, 4 months
  • Minimum Age for Gambling: 19
  • Alcohol Consumption: Legal age is 19
  • Highest Point: 820m/2,690 ft., Mount Carleton
  • Lowest Point: Lowest Point: Sea level, Atlantic Ocean

Imagine a place where the stresses of modern life take a back seat to breath-taking natural wonders, rich culture and incredible hospitality. If this sounds appealing then New Brunswick is the place for you. Surrounded by quiet pristine shores and green forests, New Brunswick seems to make time stand still.

New Brunswick is currently is one of four Atlantic provinces in Canada. It is named after the British royal family of Brunswick-Lüneburg (the house of Hannover.) Also known as the "Loyalist Province," New Brunswick has traditionally had an economy based its vast agricultural resources.

With its abundant natural beauty New Brunswick is a province that is sure to fascinate and inspire. In the Bay of Fundy the world’s highest tides rise and fall twice a day, every day. In the morning you can descend to the ocean floor and walk among sandstone formations sculpted from years of endless tidal activity. Hours later, when the seawater rolls in, you can kayak above the very same spot.

Among the most popular tourist spots are Magnetic Hill, the reversing falls of Saint John, and the majestic Appalachian mountain range. New Brunswick has two national parks, Fundy and Kouchibouguac. In addition, some 48 provincial parks and recreation areas allow for camping in nearly every part of the province.

While the day-to-day life may seem leisurely, don’t let that fool you: there is more than enough to do in New Brunswick. With a calendar filled with an endless number of festivals, fairs and special events, the cultural pride of this province is celebrated continuously with music, dance, parades and unique hometown hospitality.

From seafood extravaganzas to mouth watering chocolate festivals, New Brunswick is sure to please any visitor.

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