Northwest Territories: “Land of the Midnight Sun"
Fast Facts
  • Population: 41,462 (2011)
  • Size: 1,346,106 sq. km. (519,734 sq. mil.)
  • Capital City: Yellowknife
  • Time Zone(s): Mountain/Central/Eastern/Atlantic, DST
  • Minimum Age for Unrestricted Driver’s License: 16 years
  • Minimum Age for Gambling: 19
  • Alcohol Consumption: Legal age is 19
  • Highest Point: 2,762 m/9,062 ft., Cirque of the Unclimables Mountain northwest of Nahanni National Park Reserve
  • Lowest Point: Sea level, Beaufort Sea

Northwest Territories account for over two- million square kilometres of mountains, forests and tundra highlighted by hundreds of clean rivers and thousands of pristine lakes. Visitors come to view rare wildlife species from white wolves to white whales. In the distance herds of bison, prowling bears, moose and caribou can be heard roaming the frozen tundra.

While wildlife viewing opportunities are legendary in the Northwest Territories , Nahanni National Park has also become a popular tourist attraction. Here you can gear up for some canoeing, hiking, snowmobiling and/or dog sledding.

Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, is the main city centre for the region, and is the perfect starting point for your adventures.

Two of the biggest attractions in northern Canada are the long summer days of the “Midnight Sun,” and the aurora borealis or Northern Lights that can be seen in the night sky from late August until January.

A fiercely proud people, residents of the Northwest Territories encourage tourism, welcoming visitors with open arms, eager to display their native hand crafted arts, and tell the stories of their rich history.

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