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Manitoba: A Rich History
Fast Facts
  • Population: 1,272,000
  • Size: 649,950 sq. km. (250,950 sq. mil.)
  • Capital City: Winnipeg
  • Time Zone(s): Mountain, DST
  • Min. Age for Unrestricted Driver’s License: 17 years, 6 months
  • Minimum Age for Gambling: 18
  • Alcohol Consumption: Legal age is 18
  • Highest Point: 831 m/2,727 ft., Baldy Mountain
  • Lowest Point: Sea level, Churchill

Situated between Saskatchewan on the west and Ontario on the east, Manitoba lies in the middle of Canada and is the eastern-most prairie province.

The name “Manitoba” is thought to have come from the Native Cree word "manito-wapow," meaning "strait of the spirit." The pounding of waves and pebbles on the shores of Lake Manitoba was the source of an Indian superstition that a “manito" or spirit was beating a drum. Manitoba is still home to many Metis and native peoples who have shaped the history of this vast province.

"Glorious and Free," Manitoba is renowned for dramatic landscapes, diversity of wild-life, and warm, friendly people. Drawn by more than 100,000 lakes and countless rivers and marshes, two-thirds of Canada's 500-plus species of birds have made Manitoba their home. This province is also known as one of the most exciting wildlife-watching destinations in the world, featuring one of the highest densities of moose, elk and black bear in North America.

Visitors flock to the city of Churchill in Northern Manitoba to see the polar bears lounge in their frigid playgrounds. Others seek the beauty and tranquility of Riding Mountain National Park in Western Manitoba, and the secluded beaches of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg.

But Manitoba is more than just rural landscape. Considered the “Gem of the Prairies,” Winnipeg is a city that combines astonishing natural beauty with a high level of ethnic diversity.

With a population of over 685, 000, Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba, and is home to over 43 different nationalities. The British, Asian and European roots are revealed in the many restaurants and cafes that line the city’s streets and offer incredible hand made cuisine. The numerous museums, galleries, and historic sites stand as a testament to the fascinating history of this province.

Manitoba is one of the best vacation destination filled with exciting attractions and unique activities. Whether you have come to mountain bike, snowshoe, ice-fish, or witness the northern lights, Manitoba will find a way into your heart.

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