Hopewell Rocks or Flowerpot Rocks

131 Discovery Rd, Hopewell Cape, NB E4H 4Z5, Canada.

Popularly known as the Flowerpot rocks, the Hopewell rocks are at the Bay of Fundy in Hopewell Cape in New Brunswick. These are rare rock formations popularly known as 'Mother-in-Law', 'ET' and 'Lover's Arch' etc which have resulted from erosions of the tides.

The rocks comprise of sandstone rock and sedimentary conglomerate formed from rocks washed away from the Caledonia Mountain range to ground level and cemented into one through millions of years. The tectonic activity tilted them to 30-45 degree angles. The fissures created large blocks which separated by strong tides with the passing of ice age. Further tides started to erode the blocks further creating sea caves and the much famous Hopewell Rocks.

Hopewell Rocks has recorded the highest average tides (as much as 46 feet) in the world receiving high viewer ship by people across the world that throng here and also glance at the interpretive centre, multimedia show of tides as well as the location's history in the Mi'kmag legends. These rocks get covered with water two times day due to the fluctuating tides in the area. But these are best visible at low tide, though you would want to see the full tidal cycle to gauge the beauty of the tides viewed through the walking trails, kayaking or the decks for viewing.

Another notable feat in this location is the breathtaking aerial dance by the shorebirds in thousands that migrate here at Bay of Fundy in the months of July and August every year.

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