Mount Carleton Provincial Park

7612 Route 385 Saint-Quentin, NB, Canada Canada.

Mount Carleton has more than 42,000 acres of pristine wilderness to explore. It is the home to more wild animal species than any other part of the province. At least 100 different types of birds and 30 species of mammals live here.

Wildlife enthusiasts will see an abundance of the white tailed deer, black bear and moose in this region. Bird watchers can look forward to sighting the rare Bicknell's Thrush in this area with its melody of flutelike tones. While this location is popular all year round, you are bound to feel the chill even in summer owing to its altitude.

Hiking is a must-do at this provincial park. It is the best way to get to know the Mount Carleton wilderness. Mount Carleton forms the eastern trail for a medium or moderate hiking experience being approximately 4.5 kms one way. The average time to complete it from the East would be 1.5 hours while from the west is recorded to be about 2 hours.

Mount Carleton, 820m (2,690 ft) the highest peak in this area.

Canoeing and row boating opportunities available in the lakes and rivers.

(Fishing is not allowed in Mount Carleton's streams).

Mapview of Mount Carleton

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