Sirmilik National Park

Bylot Island, NU, Canada

Sirmilik National Park is located at the northwest end of Baffin Island. The name 'Sirmilik' means the 'place of glaciers'. Sirmilik's total area is 22,252 square kilometres.

It is comprised of four rugged land areas.

  • Bylot Island
  • Borden Peninsula
  • Oliver Sound and
  • Baillarge Bay.

Sirmilik National Park provides enough opportunities for visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking, skiing, climbing, sea kayaking etc.

Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay are the two gateway communities into Sirmilik National Park. Bylot Island is a 25-kilometre boat, ski or snowmobile trip from Pond Inlet. Bylot Island offers great coastal birdwatching and hiking. There are many opportunities for ski-touring and mountaineering. The Borden Peninsula, characterized by plateaus and valleys, is another great hiking destination. Oliver Sound draws experienced kayakers and those travelling with a licensed tour outfitter. The Baillarge Bay Sea Bird Colony, located near the community of Arctic Bay, is another important migratory bird nesting area.

Seasons & Climate
The best times to visit the park are from late April to early June for snow-related activities, and from late July to early September for summer activities.


Hiking & Backpacking:- season lasts from late July until early September.
Ski-Touring:- season runs from mid-April to early June.
Birdwatching:- Bylot Island is a nesting area for over 40 species of migratory birds, including murres, kittiwakes and fulmars.
Floe Edge Tours:- Visiting the floe edge will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see narwhals and beluga whales breach, or to watch a polar bear hunting for seals.
Sea Kayaking:- Not recommended for novices, only for expert kayakers.

Important Safety Information:-
1) All visitors MUST register and attend a mandatory orientation session before entering the park, and de-register after leaving.
2) All visitors MUST register and attend a mandatory orientation session in Pond Inlet prior to entering the park. It is also necessary to de-register with the park office upon exiting the park.
3) Sirmilik is a backcountry park with no maintained facilities. Visitors must be self-sufficient, as help is far away.

Getting Here:
Pond Inlet is the main access point and the location of the park office.
There is regular flight service between Pond Inlet and Iqaluit. First Air and Canadian North service Iqaluit, with regular flights from Ottawa, Montreal and Yellowknife via Rankin Inlet.

Mapview of Sirmilik National Park

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