Quebec Winter Carnival

205 Boulevard des Cedres,Quebec,Canada.

The Quebec Winter Carnival Festival is a festival held in Quebec City. The first large winter Carnival in Quebec City, the world's snow capital, took place in 1894. Often faced with winter’s hardships, the city's population reinvented this popular tradition with a winter celebration that warmed up the hearts of all of it revellers.

The festival's events include a winter amusement park, with attractions such as skiing, snow rafting, ice sculptures, snow sled slides and outdoor shows and it is usually held in February.

After being held on and off for over half a century, the Quebec City Carnival has been held uninterruptedly since 1955.

The most famous attractions of this winter festival are the night and day Carnival's parades led by the Carnival's Master, Le Bonhomme Carnaval through the Upper City, decorated with lights and ice sculpting items.

The opening and closing ceremonies taking place at the Ice Palace before thousands of participants, Bonhomme and the mayor of Quebec.

The various outdoor sport races (snowboarding, canoe on ice, snowshoes, hockey, dog-sledding, etc., some of them part of World Championship tournaments) in the city and around. The outdoor dance parties are set at the Ice Palace with other events.

Most commercial main streets are decorated and several bars and restaurants throughout the city set up a winter patio made of ice sculpting in front of their establishment.

A sleigh race in which drivers and their horses take part in a single- and double-harness race on the Plains of Abraham.

The Dog Agility Competition on Snow brings together around 60 people and their dogs to compete in an outdoor obstacle course in the Old city narrow streets.

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Quebec Winter Carnival to enjoy a host of activities for all ages, including snow baths, night parades, snow slides, giant foosball, snow sculptures, shows, sleigh rides, and skating.

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