Alberta’s largest town in terms of land area (107.93 square kilometres).

Drumheller is a town within the Red Deer River valley in the badlands of east-central Alberta, Canada. It is located 110 kilometres northeast of Calgary. Now Drumheller became Alberta’s largest town in terms of land area at 107.93 square kilometres.

The town is named for Colonel Samuel Drumheller, who bought land in 1910 and started coal mining operations there in 1911.

Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery. Tourist attractions also include the Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Atlas Coal Mine, Canadian Badlands Passion Play, Horseshoe Canyon, Water Spray Park, Aquaplex with indoor and outdoor pools, Horse Thief Canyon, hoodoos, Midland Provincial Park, Rosedeer Hotel in Wayne etc , Bleriot Ferry, East Coulee School Museum, Homestead Museum and the Little Church. Other outdoor activities include hiking, skiing and taking a ride on the historic Bleriot Ferry, which crosses the powerful Red Deer River.

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