Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City Quebec,Canada

Old Quebec is the oldest part of Quebec City. Old Quebec maintained a strong military and administrative presence from its beginning. This strong military presence for long limited the city's expansion. At the end of the 19th century, many wanted to demolish the fortifications, judging them to be unnecessary and a hindrance to urban development. However, Governor Dufferin successfully managed to preserve the character of the walled city, while adapting the further expansion of the modern city.

The rich historic nature of Old Quebec is marked by the city's ramparts, fortifications, and many historic houses and buildings. The legacy of previous generations and the beauty of the district make it particularly unique.

Quebec's Old Town is the only North American fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, as the "Historic District of Old Quebec".

From any one of the city's many museums and interpretation centers, take a walking tour or a horse-drawn carriage ride to get a true feel for this unique historic district.

Fine dining and shopping are an art form in Old Quebec, particularly along rue Saint-Jean and rue Saint-Louis, where European charm adds a dash of flair to any outing.

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