Antique Automobile Museum

35 Rue Principale, Saint-Jacques NB, E7B 1V6, Canada

The Antique Automobile Museum in Edmundston showcases antique cars and exhibits the automotive industry throughout history. The museum is open seasonally between June and September.

The museum exhibits various old car models including a dark-green 1928 Ford Model A, a dark-blue 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom and a 1910 Detroit Electric 3-passenger coupe that operated on 40-cell Edison storage batteries which lasted for about 65 kilometres.

Although the majority of pieces in the collection are cars, other types of vehicles are featured, including a fire truck, a 1918 International farm tractor and a number of carriages. Also There is one shiny, red 1937 Diamond T fire truck.

Mapview of Antique Automobile Museum

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